There are two primary expectations that we have of our clients: humility and honesty. With humility and honesty, you get the most possible from each session.


Come to your coaching sessions with an openness to change. The sooner you are willing to accept that you may be in your own way, the closer you are to what you want. There are other obstacles in your life, but an important step is to appreciate that you may be one of them.

As can be said about anyone, you are right about many things, and wrong about at least some things. If you’re not willing to grow by changing the wrong that you are contributing, then coaching may not be for you.


We trust you, and we will not pressure you into sharing something that you are not comfortable sharing. At the same time, being vulnerable, honest, and open is critical to having a productive coaching process. We will work with you to explore difficult emotions and experiences so that we can then manage their impact on your goals.

As much as you can, come prepared to do difficult “internal” work.

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