As we work together, you will experience our unwavering commitment to your growth and development, while making clear progress toward your goals. Beginning with the introductory call, you will find:


We believe that you must embrace the truth in order to achieve your goals. If you ignore the reality/truth of your circumstances, you lose access to what you want. The truth is not always easy to find and embrace, but we will ensure that we approach the truth with care and respect.


Couple and life coaching involves vulnerability and potentially uncovering painful emotions. Simply put, we care about you and honor your willingness to open up and share. We treat what you share as sacred, and provide a sensitive and safe space to facilitate our work together.


We have a responsibility to challenge you. If we see alternate perspectives that may improve the likelihood of achieving your goals, we will challenge you to consider them. If our experience tells us that you are not likely to achieve your goals, we will share that perspective in our sessions.

You will find us open to being challenged as well. We do not get everything right all the time. And we do not claim to know you better than you know yourself.


We work together. In each session, you will find us supporting you as you work toward your goals. Imagine what a sports coach does during a game/competition and in between games: the coach is there to get you to where you want to be.

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